The LIMATA X3000 Series is an unique laser direct imaging system platform designed for the imaging (patterning) of oversized PCB boards. The X3000 series can image panel sizes of up to 110” x 48” with highest LDI precision in registration and resolution. A hybrid system Setup can be configured for PCB customers who want to process both, dry-film patterning and solder mask imaging, on one LDI system platform.

Key system features

  • Working/Imaging area of up 110” x 48 provides for extreme large panel manufacturing
  • Multi-wavelength laser set-up with >25.000 hours lifetime (MTBF)
  • Highest optical depth of focus (+/-500µm)
  • Unique modular imaging head concept provides for laser redundancy and in-field system capacity upgrades (additional imaging units)
  • Direct imaging capability on all standard resist types (Hitachi, Asahi, etc.)
  • Ease-of-use operator friendly data interface
  • Designed to minimize maintenance, downtimes and service costs over the entire LDI equipment lifetime

Optional Solder mask imaging capability

  • LIMATA’s proprietary UV/IR solder mask imaging technology accelerates imaging speed on all standard solder mask materials (i.e. Tayio)
  • RGB & IR camera lightning for easy fiducial detection on all solder mask colors

Laser and imaging technologies

  • High-speed Galvo-Scan Laser Technology
  • UV-Multiwave diode laser set-up with three different wavelenghts
  • High-telecentrical optical system
  • Optional: IR module for solder mask imaging of XXL boards

Modular laser direct imaging set-up

  • Based on each customer‘s individual oversized PCB specification, L/S resolution and direct imaging capacity requirements (prints/hour), the optimum laser imaging Setup (ranging from 1 to 4 exposure heads with up to 6 diode lasers each) can be selected and configured according to customer needs
  • Optional: IR module for solder mask imaging capabilities
  • Possibilty to conduct in-field laser upgrades for increased imaging capacities (additional imaging heads) enabled by a modular „plug-in“ concept
4 Imaging Heads SM

X3000 - Options


Adjustable laser spot size for advanced HDI production (High-Resolution)

Partial Registration
Partial Registration

Detection of multiple fiducials for maximum registration accuracy


Automated tracking of individual Barcodes or serial numbers for full product traceability

MES interface
MES interface

MES-interface and Secs/Gem programming options
(“real-time“ production data)

The X2000 platform can be complemented by a robotic set-up for a fully automated and less labor intensive LDI operation

The X3000 platform can be complemented by a robotic set-up for a fully automated and less labor intensive LDI in-line operation

PCB Applications

Oversized PCB boards

  • XXL boards (up to 110“ x 48“)
  • Endless boards (roll-to-roll)
  • Flex panels for wiring


  • Military & aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Clean energy

Data-Sheets (X3000)